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Fluorescent Lighting Installations

Fluorescent Lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. The lamp fixture is more costly because it requires a ballast to regulate the current through the lamp. It produces between three to five times more light than an incandescent lamp consuming the same electrical power and gives off significantly less heat.

Compact Screw Base Fluorescent Lamp: Standard Twist | Triple Tube | Reflector Flood | Globe | Bullet | Specialty | Pear / A-Line | Cold Cathode
Compact Pin Base Fluorescent Lamp: Single Tube 2-Pin | Single Tube 4-Pin | Double Tube 2-Pin | Double Tube 4-Pin | Triple Tube 2-Pin | Triple Tube 4-Pin
Straight / Linear Fluorescent Lamp: T2 | T4 | T5 | T6 | T8 | T9 | T10 | T12
U-Bend Fluorescent Lamp: T6 | T8 | T10 | T12 | T17
Circline Fluorescent Lamp: T5 | T6 | T9
T2 – 1/4” Diameter Tube
T4 – 1/2” Diameter Tube
T5 – 5/8” Diameter Tube
T6 – 3/4” Diameter Tube
T8 – 1” Diameter Tube
T9 – 1-1/8” Diameter Tube
T10 – 1-1/4” Diameter Tube
T12 – 1-1/2” Diameter Tube

We provide the following services for commercial, industrial and residential properties:

110V, 220V, 277V, and 480V Circuits
Ballast / Lamp Replacements
Breakers and Fuses Installations and Replacements
Code / Violation Corrections
Dimmers and Switches Installations and Replacement
Electrical Wiring / Re-wiring
Emergency Service
Exit Sign and Emergency Light Installations
Fan Installations
Fluorescent Lighting Installations
Grounding Installations
Lighting Fixtures Installations
Low Voltage Lighting
Outlets, GFCIs, and AFCIs Installations and Replacements
Panel / Sub-Panel Installations and Upgrades
Recessed Lighting Installations
Smoke Detectors Installations and Replacements
Telephone and Cable Jacks Installations and Replacements
Telephone and Network Cabling
Timers and Motion Sensors Installations and Replacements
Transformer Installations
Troubleshooting and Repair
Underground Utilities
Wiring for Dryers and Stoves
Wiring for Heating / Air Conditioning

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